A Letter to Maisy: The Best Big Sister Ever!


Dear Maisy,

Ever since I got pregnant with Penny I knew you were going to make a great big sister.  Turns out, you’re the best big sister I’ve ever seen!  Only makes sense coming from a girl so caring and helpful as you.

When you first met Penny all you wanted was to be with us all day and to hold her.  You’ve never thought ill of your little sister and have only ever completely loved her with all the unconditional love a child has to offer (which is more than an adult I often think).

You have so much patience and kindness for your little sister, even when she so doesn’t deserve it.  She’s been on a biting and hitting and hair pulling streak for something like six months now and half the time now you don’t even flinch, you just keep doing what you’re doing.  And even when she does hurt you enough to make you come crying you’re never mad at her, you’re just sad that she was mean to you.  I’m so sorry she treats you this way and I promise it won’t be forever!  I am working on this abusive behavior of hers, it just takes time.

Whenever Penny is upset you’re always the first to try and cheer her up, hug her, or otherwise distract her from whatever is frustrating her.  Today, on our walk, you made up a word game to play with Penny to keep you both occupied.  You’d say a word and then Penny would try and mimic you.  When we got to the big hill you love to run down Penny got so upset, as usual, that she wasn’t allowed to get out of the stroller and run down the hill too, but you didn’t skip a beat, you said “Penny, it’s ok, let’s keep playing our game!”  And you did.

You never hesitate to share with your sister.  For long and longish car rides I always pack snacks to ensure happy bellies and provide a busy activity for the drive.  Often times I give you one granola bar or banana and ask you to share with Penny in order to minimize mess and snack waste.  You never hesitate.  In fact, you often give her some before I even ask you to share.  Sharing is such a hard thing for people, big and small alike, except for you and your dad.  I’m so thankful you inherited this trait from him, it’s truly beautiful.

Penny is fairly independently minded.  She loves to play by herself and generally marches to the beat of her own drum.  That never stops you from winning her over whenever you want to play.  You are so gifted at engaging other kids and have no problem doing what they want to do if it means you get to play with them.  That is so beautiful and giving of you!  And, in knowing that about you, I’m often looking for ways to give you things you hope for whether it’s painting nails time with me, helping me in the kitchen, running down your favorite hill during our daily walk, and giving you a say in our days as much as a I can.  Truthfully, I actually really like giving you deciding power too because it takes some of the decisions off of me!  We’re a perfect team.

Speaking of doing what other kids want to do, one of Penny’s favorite things in our backyard is the baby swing.  She’s always asking to swing and you never hesitate to help her into the swing and push her.

As a big sister myself, I can wholeheartedly say how proud all of this makes me of you because I’ve never seen a big sister so giving and sweet as you.  You care about your sister so much!  You two are so good for each other and I can’t wait to see how your relationship grows.

I love you my sweet girl.  I’m so proud of who you are!  You truly have a heart of gold.

With all my heart,


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