Maisy, Babies Are For Hugging, Not For Bouncing On


-written November, 2015

My whole day is my favorite part of my day.  But where’s the fun in telling you the fluffy stuff about how I spend the whole day smiling as I watch Maisy follow Harper around closer than a shadow, as I watch Maisy bust a move the very second music hits her ears, as I wake up to Maisy constantly readjusting her wakeful snuggles as she waits for me to willingly greet the day with open eyes, as I serve my weekday brood lunch and watch them converse in their own joyous babble, as I listen to Harper cheer “good job” to Maisy for simply throwing a ball, as I watch Willow grin from ear to ear all day about nothing and everything… and the list goes on for an overwhelming amount of time and space.  There are possibly good stories in those moments, but I tend to find the life-changing stories in the irregularities that are potentially disruptive and undesirable.

Today I turn around and see Maisy riding on top of a flattened Willow – she was mounted on her back like a cowboy on a pony, bouncing and all.  Willow is 1-year-old and a petite peanut.  Maisy is a 16-month-old giant.  Willow had nothing to say about the matter, but I did.  As I remove Maisy from Willow’s back I say, “Maisy, babies are for hugging, not for bouncing on.”

I turn away for one moment only turn back to see Maisy remounted and giggling.  I take her by the hand, guide her off, and say, “time out.”  Maisy walks over to her time out mat and sits down.  And gets up. “Sit down Maisy.”  She sits down.  And gets up. “Maisy, sit down.” She kind of sits down and starts whimpering.  I pick her up and put her in the other version of time out, the crib, the don’t-mess-with-me-and-move-around kind of time out.  She stands up crying.  “Maisy, sit down!”  And the cycle perpetuates and seems like it will never end until she takes a long breath. I seize the opportunity to pretend that breath was a break in naughtiness and ask for her apology.  She signs me “sorry.”  I pick her up and send her off to play.

Now she’s emotionally vulnerable and quick to return to naughtiness for any or no reason at all.  So I redirect her to a corner of toys to play by herself for a moment of regrouping.  She’s doing so peaceably when I realize I’m still in need some regrouping so I pack up the kiddos and head to Target.  I start to feel brand new the minute I shift the car in drive.

The kids had fun looking around the store as I had fun picking out Christmas presents for Toys for Children of Inmates and Operation Christmas Child.  On the way out I take my favorite seasonal latte to go and I’m better than new and ready to tackle bedtime with my overtired toddler.

Just a day in the life of this mom!

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