Pregnant or Toddler?

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I’m finding pregnancy while raising a toddler gives me a whole different outlook on pregnancy.  It is remarkable how similar being a toddler is to being pregnant.  We share likenesses in sleep, food, and urination needs.

Maisy and I both need three square meals a day and a big snack… at least.

Whenever I can I catch a nap during Maisy’s nap time, I do it.

In a way, getting pregnant just at the time I was potty training Maisy was a blessing in disguise, seems our urination cycles are in sync in terms of frequency, so it helped me be better aware and on top of getting Maisy on the potty at the right times.  It also helps her to want to go if I go first, there’s solidarity there.

I jot these things down if not only for my own memory keeping purposes.  I chuckle at myself frequently as I remind myself of my toddler!

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