Oils for Scars

A Little Drops of Sunshine post.



Maisy had a terrible diaper rash a couple of months back.  I thought the rash lingered still but after a few more days of observation realized it was actually a “scar” on her bum.  I felt even more terrible about the terrible state of her diaper rash and that it was actually so bad as to mar her perfect skin.  Thanks to essential oils I did not remain in sorrow!  Instead, I started applying lavender, neat, to the damaged areas every diaper change that I remembered to do so (so several times a day).  A week or so later and I am overjoyed to report the wounds are now barely visible!  A few more days of lavender and she’ll be good as new 🙂

I use lavender as a part of my night face lotion every day (rub a little raw shea butter together with 3-4 drops of lavender).  I love it because it heals my face overnight from scabs or redness obtained from zits, the sun or any other daily wounds and I wake up with a radiant (though perhaps otherwise groggy) complexion.

Lavender is also great for stretch marks.


My brother used lavender on sunburn and it cleared right up.  I used some on a sunburn I got yesterday and it’s gone today, settled into a nice tan instead.

IN THE END, if these don’t work for you I have plenty more ideas and options where these came from!  First step is to GET YOUR KIT, then I will meet with you (near: in person; far: Skype or Google Hangouts) to get you started using them for whatever ails you, and I send you off with a handy dandy handbook and some other awesome materials! Happy sunburn season everyone!  May you find some respite with your bottle of Young Living lavender essential oil  🙂


Essential Oil Guide: FAQ and Getting Started

Buy some oils and/or get the starter kit… [HERE]

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