The Second Time I Met Josh

Just a short love story for y’all today 😉

The first time I met Josh was in Wilson Hall. He caught me wandering around.

“Hey, what’s your name again?”
“Kaia,” I said.
“I’m Josh, I like the way you dress.”

The second time I met Josh was at an on campus drive-in movie. I donned a black “Passion Patrol” t-shirt and my job was to walk around the packed parking lot breaking up make out sessions with the gift of Hersey’s Kisses. This job made me uncomfortable so I hastily handed out my kisses and sat with my friends on a tailgate. I don’t recall feeling chilled but Josh saw my bare feet, took off his sweatshirt, walked over to wrap it around my feet, and walked away without a word. I thought this was the most kind and also the most utterly peculiar, and perhaps invasive, act I had ever encountered.

The sweatshirt started our friendship. After the movie gave it back and after that evening I couldn’t get rid of Josh. We took to hanging out at Steak and Shake with groups of friends, then we took a road trip to Colorado, and then we got married. Well, basically 😉

What did the beginning of your love story look like?

9 thoughts on “The Second Time I Met Josh

  1. met my husband in high school…had been gone in Papua New Guinea for four years and we went back to visit our home church. walked into sunday school the first week back and the only seat left was next to a super hot guy…NERVOUS!!! 9 years later we got married 🙂

  2. Chris & I’s love story is the epitome of the Rascal Flatts song “God Bless the Broken Road”. When I met him, we were both married to other people. (His then wife and I were friends, not close, but friends. We all attended church together). A few years passed and life intervened and I never really saw or talked to either of them. I went through a divorce, and was a single mom, struggling with life, raising a child on my own, finances, and my faith. I started attending church again, and one day he showed up. I found out he had also gotten a divorce (his then wife had moved on to another while still married), and had custody of his 2 children. We talked a little bit, and went separate ways. I got a job offer that would finally allow me to provide for my daughter without having to choose whether to feed her or myself, and I jumped at the chance. I had to go to training for 6 weeks in a city that was 14 hours from my home, and my child. When I came home, I went to church, and he was there again. He invited my daughter and I out that afternoon for pizza, movies, and a trip to the park for the kids. That was 12-23-96. We were married on 5-18-97, had our son together 12-15-98, and just celebrated our 16 year anniversary 🙂 Like I said, “God Bless the Broken Road”

  3. We met at work. We didn’t really talk all that much until one night (10-2-92) when I had worked a double. He was getting ready to leave and I asked where he was going. He said to get something to eat. Then he asked if I wanted to go with him (I was getting off in a half hour). I said sure. He came back and picked me up. We went to Denny’s and ate and talked for four hours. On 10-14 we were engaged and married on 2-1-93. We have been together for 21 years now. We have four kids that are almost grown. When we were first married, we decided it would be better for me to stay at home and take care of the kids. In 2008, I started back to college. I have received my Associates (2010) and Bachelors (2012) degrees in Accounting. I was having a hard time finding a job with no experience, so I am in school again trying to get my MBA. I landed my dream job just a few weeks ago. God is great!!! I just needed to be patient to find the job he wanted me to have. My husband is now having health problems, so me having a great job with insurance is wonderful so that he can take off when he needs to and we can still get our bills paid.

    P.S. We have met your husband a few times and he is wonderful. I’m glad you got such a wonderful catch!!!

  4. Ryan and I were in class and we were put in a group together to share an assignment, our top 50 dreams. I shared that one of mine was to make a motion picture. That got his attention because when class was over he asked if he could sit with me at lunch and we talked about the dream for over an hour.

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