Sam and the Stump

Today is FACT Friday but to get the day started I first want to tell you a little story from my morning.

My Sam is an 18 pound Pug and French Bulldog mix.  His eyes are slightly cock-eyed and he wags his tail with a simple glance in his direction. He looks and talks like a hyena.

Sam is not the smartest.  My other dog, Haley, understands full sentences and Sam barely understands “come.”  In fact, when you talk to Haley it is easy to sense she’s really listening and actually understanding some of what you are saying.  When you talk to Sam he gladly watches you talk to whole time with an uncomprehending grin pasted to his face and his tail wagging.

For a brief time we trusted Sam to go outside off a leash to do his business.  But after a near-death experience we decided he could not be trusted so we hooked him back up to his harness.  The amount of leash he has gives him just enough room to wind around a stump in the yard… perhaps you can guess what he does frequently.

This morning was no exception.  Haley came it obediently as usual and Sam barked his predicament at me from out in the fresh piles of snow.  I went for my boots but then I decided I might see if pulling on the line wouldn’t reveal the way back around the stump.  I creeped outside just far enough to reach the line and before I did Sam danced around the stump, like he’s known what to do all along, and barreled towards me with a goofy grin pasted to his face and tongue lolling.

Joke is on me.

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