Colors of the Wild

I went out for another adventure in the woods today.  I took Haley with me and we followed the deer tracks through the mess of brush, unknown vegetation and fallen trees.  I think she appreciated the stop and go walk because she was allowed to sniff the world to her heart’s content as I photographed various things.

A photographer’s job is rewarding for several reasons:  you get to present your view of the world to the people of the world, you might get to show them something they haven’t seen before, you might get to inform them about something, you might inspire them.  But the one thing that amazes me the most while I venture into the natural world is the grand spectrum of color within the most simple of things:  a bird feather, a fungi, a tree root, or the dirt.

Some sort of fungus.

Some sort of tree root.

A really dead fish.  Gross.

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