Life is Too Short

I think life is too short to waste time not doing what you love.  If you don’t love you’re job, make it something you love or change it.  If you don’t love your marriage, put the work in and make it incredible.  If you don’t love your house, put in the time to make it […]

Created to be Creative

I am an artist.  As an artist I show my work at various galleries on occasion and when I do I always encounter a person or two who approaches me in a sort of state of awe.  Not necessarily about my work, but about the work of having created something.  There is a group of […]

a Photo a Day | April 15 – 21

Monday:  Remaking Home | Music Room Tuesday:  Remaking Home | Kitchen and Bathroom Wednesday:  Sports Photography | Baseball Teams (blog post coming soon) Thursday:  Landscapes | Flooding at Judson University Friday:  My Photogenic Pups Saturday:  Event Photography | Rhythm and Raag (blog post coming soon) Sunday:  My furry kiddos

a Photo a Day | April 8 – 14

Monday:  Remaking Home | Living Room Tuesday:  a FANTASTIC boudoir shoot with a bride to be at the studio! Wednesday:  errands with the whole family 😉 Thursday:  still life of an Orchid Friday:  steaming bowl of pasta Saturday:  images for the studio Sunday:  my dogs are cute And a couple extras… just because he’s too […]

Surprise Pregnancy Reveal #3

Bemusings of a Baby Life – Story takes place December 8, 2013 at 14 weeks pregnant. I have only missed Hagberg Christmas once.  That was last year.  And after missing last year I vowed to never miss another one, even if Josh couldn’t make the trip with me (he had to miss again this year).  Yeah, that’s […]