Remaking Home | a Summary

Remaking Home | Blog Post 5 / 5 Today I give you the last of my Remaking Home Blog Posts!  This post serves as a summary of the whole project from start to finish, including before pictures 🙂  I will guide you through the project in the order I finished the rooms – ironically, the […]

Remaking Home | Studio

Remaking Home | Blog Post 4 / 5 Back in November of 2011 I started working for Houzz as an Ideabook Photographer.  Then, in December of 2011, I started working at Sherwin Williams as their Design Product Specialist.  Lastly, in mid January Josh and I moved into a new apartment where I was granted permission to […]

Remaking Home | Kitchen and Bathroom

Remaking Home | Blog Post 3 / 5 Ok, so when I posted Remaking Home | Living Room I said that was where I started.  Well, truth is, I actually started with the kitchen but all I really did in this remodel was reorganize this room, no painting required.  I promise I didn’t mean to […]

Remaking Home | Music Room

Remaking Home | Blog Post 2 / 5 The “music room” as I call it, or Josh’s office, was the last room I finished.  So, naturally it is the second room I feature 😉  I figure I have to save the studio for last, it is sort of the capstone of the whole ordeal after […]

Remaking Home | Living Room

Remaking Home | Blog Post 1 / 5 Back in early November I was struck by an epiphany.  Up until that point Josh and I had spent a lot of time in prayer about our living situation and thinking it was getting close to time to move again.  Instead, God answered our prayers by giving […]